Bonus 2

Character Profile Worksheet

Writer’s Aids

By using this process for every character you create you will ensure consistency, develop a character library and to build attributes – simply space it out according to your answers – you should end up with 3 or 4 pages for the main character.

Trouble with devising characters?
Many writers use character templates as one way to find characters, deepen traits and make them more realistic. Characters must be so real that readers will strongly identify with them, and can relate to them whether heroes or villains.

Archetypes are simple to use, work across all genres and have worked for hundreds of years. By going through the process of developing your character library, you will reduce the times when you can not create the personality traits that you may need to make compelling and interesting characters, just when you need to.

Use these 50 questions relating to characters and possible personality traits that they could have. Answer as many of the questions as you can to get you started with your character library.

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