Module 1

Myths & Truths Of Creative Writing


In the first module we aim to introduce you to ways of overcoming some of the thought processes that curb creativity via a series of exercises.

The following are common myths and truths about creativity.

Myth 1:
Only geniuses are creative. In other words, superior intellect means superior creativity. It’s true that people with high IQs can be highly original writers. But the opposite is also true. Geniuses may be boring. They may be respected members of their communities and contribute to their professions, but their inventive achievements fail to match their IQs.

Myth 2:
If you have creative ability, your talents will be discovered. Every person has creative potential, but some of us are better at using it. The truth is, unless you write, your unique writing ability goes unnoticed.

Myth 3:
You don’t have to work at being creative. Sometimes our best ideas seem to pop out of nowhere.

Truth 1:
Creative thinking often springs from frustration. Like Einstein we have to give the creative process time to work.

Truth 2:
Creative thinking is original thinking. To be original in your thinking takes time, and you won’t always do original thinking sitting at your computer keyboard. Creative solutions to our writing problems come to us at odd moments and as unexpected breakthroughs. A break through may come when you are walking, driving in traffic, waking up or about to fall asleep.

Truth 3:
“You encourage your creativity when you allow yourself to play with new combinations of words, images and ideas,” said Cook. Edward De Bono a world authority on developing creative thinking skills believes that anyone can learn to be creative. When you pay attention to your creative flashes, you find fresh, new ways of thinking about writing.

As you progress through these lessons you will take on more creative ways of developing your writing skills, how to create characters and stories with practical exercises to unleash the creative writer in you.

Explore Every Aspect Of Being A Creative Writer And Learn The Techniques That will Develop Your Talents To Their Full Potential