Module 11

Situation and Road-map Methods


To begin your road-map for a story like this, you need to appoint a beginning.

  • A Characters Birth?
  • Some First memories?
  • A Family background?

When plotting a novel you need to choose a jump-off point. When beginning a novel it’s a good idea to choose a period of change in your protagonist’s life. Beginning a new job, meeting a new friend, an accident, loss of a spouse or making a fateful decision are all fruitful starting points.

So, where would this plot begin?

The heroine is engaged. She thinks she’s about to marry. Really, her fiancĂ© is about to disappear. A period of change.

Beginning; Rue’s fiancĂ©, John, vanishes just before their wedding. Immediately, there is a question to ask. Why did he vanish? Rue doesn’t know. Another question. How does he vanish? It can’t be dramatic, otherwise the police would be involved. So- he goes on an ordinary errand to his country property (Golden Lode) and doesn’t come back. Why didn’t she go with him? Because she’s nursing a slight injury. So, what next?….

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