Module 13

The Characters Of Your Story


Throughout the story writing process the characters of your story are just as important as theme and plot. Think of them as the actors in your narrative. They are not real people. They cannot act and react exactly as real people would. And this is not from lack of skill on their author’s part. Just as actors use thespian techniques to make their artificial personae seem real, so you, as author, must learn to use literary techniques.

In real life, people often act out of character. Real people often fail to make decisions, make small talk, spend the day doing nothing much and gripe a lot about their friends or family.

Characters cannot act like this. It may be realistic, but it isn’t entertaining. Readers need to understand what’s going on, and what might happen later. They achieve this, in part, by “reading” the characters. Discover more creative story writing techniques that will ….

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