Module 15

Creating Genre Characters


Sometimes you will hear an author say “my characters ran away with me” or “took over”. This sounds trite and a bit precious, but it really can happen. Why? Characters sometimes develop in a way we did not expect or intend.

Remember the Road-map Plotting? I mentioned that plans sometimes needed to be changed and cited the example of Jake, who turned out to be a character who did not tell the truth.

Characters that get right out of control can ruin a book for its intended purpose. For example, a genre romance heroine who just doesn’t like her hero can be a real pain in the computer.

If something like this happens, you have three choices.

(1) Change the book’s genre.

(2) Change the heroine.

(3) Change the hero.

Some plots are completely character driven. This means that character dynamics rather than incidents drive the plot. Put two opposing characters in place then stand back. What you get is fireworks, and a character driven plot.

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