Module 19

Your Style & Viewpoint


Adjectives, the words that describe nouns, can make or break style. The right adjective can make a passage magic, but the wrong adjective is much, much worse than nothing.

Adjective choice is one strong argument for polishing your work. The first draft is for getting the skeleton down, the second for fleshing out the body. The polishing draft (which may be the third or the seventh) is where you apply the cosmetics. And that means removing most of your adjectives for good, and replacing a few of the remainder with better choices.

Viewpoint is an important subject and forms an important part of basic style.

It is the effect of seeing the action through the eyes of a particular character. In omniscient viewpoint, the writer’s viewpoint is used. S/he assumes the godlike stance of knowing what all characters are doing.

“Catherine and Toby were walking down the lane, hand in hand. In Catherine’s opinion, they were very much in accord, but Toby was wondering how it was possible to hold a girl’s hand and feel as if she were light-years away.

The trees were just about to lose their leaves, and the sun was flushing the stubble with gold. Old Man Garrick was eyeing the stubble contentedly. Soon, he would have to run the harrows over it.” You will learn more creative writing skills when you sign up below.

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