Module 20

Who Will Take The Credit?

What Are You Going To Call Yourself?

If you’re writing for your own satisfaction or entertainment, you’ll be using your own name. However, if you plan to offer your work for publication, you may want or need to use a pseudonym (false name) or nom de plume or pen name. Some writers prefer to distance themselves from their writing.

Some feel that the “me” who does the writing isn’t the same person as the “me” who takes the kids to school or mows the lawn. Others prefer it if their neighbor and relatives don’t know about the book.

Maybe they’re shy. Or bashful. Or maybe they’re afraid of the reaction of people who may have acted (unwittingly) as models for the villain.

Then there are writers such as Stephen Chance/Philip Turner, and Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt, who write in more than one genre and use different names to differentiate these writing personae.

A few writers choose a former name (such as a maiden name or family name). Thus Agatha Christie continued to use her first married name even after she had become Agatha Mallowan.

Then there are writers whose editors force the change upon them for reasons of image. Grab instant access to Creative Writing Success today and increase your skills as a writer….

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