Module 6

Childrens Books Defined


How to write childrens books there is a mistaken view that writing for children is easy. It isn’t. Our overview introduces you to the joys of writing for children, it’s many genres and potential income.

Children’s books are not a genre, but a specific kind of writing.
The books themselves embrace almost the same genres as general fiction, with the added dimensions of age-specific books. The term “Children’s Book” is very broad, covering everything from the lap book, which is simply captioned pictures, to the sophisticated YA fantasy.

Children’s fiction (sometimes familiarly known as “kid-lit”) is relatively new, and has its roots in both the novels of Charles Dickens and other Victorian writers whose books were intended for family consumption and in the earlier nursery or moral tales.

Children’s books change very rapidly, so it is imperative that anyone planning to write them should have a broad knowledge of modern fiction. Some writers are startled to find that “nice little stories” are quite thin on the ground. Except for books for the very youngest readers, children’s novels these days are expected to have logical plots, themes, character development and style.

One of the dangers writers face is the notion that continuing sales of an older title or genre is proof that the old-fashioned story is still popular with modern publishers. Could you be the next “Harry Potter”? You’ll never know if you do not try!

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